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Turn Ons (in more depth)

A while back I wrote a short list of things that turn me on. I feel like I should elaborate on them, share what they do to me.

– My neck being kissed/nibbled on – If you want to get me started, make me grow some courage, this is the thing to do. I get handsy and my breathing gets heavier after a sharp intake of breath. I also start to get wet.

– Bottom of ear lobe sucked on/lightly nibbled on – I love this, though lately I have been a little sensitive with my ears. I don’t like them touched anymore, though in the moment I might be ok with it still. This will make me moan.

– Hands running over my body, particularly my back and thighs – This will relax me. I will melt like butter, and be less tense. I love the feeling of hands exploring my body.

– My bottom lip being sucked on – If you want to start a full on make out session, this is what you do. The lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Sucking on my bottom lip drives me wild.

– My fingers sucked on. The feeling tends to make my clit throb – Honestly, this used to be a huge turn on to me. It used to get me wet, especially when I felt it go to my clit. However, my hands and fingers are just as touchy as my ears, making me very self conscious of my fingers.

– Being told what your cock is going to do with me – I love dirty talk, especially while masturbating. During a (mutual) masturbation session especially. Hearing what your cock is going to do to me is a sure fire way to get me to reach orgasm fastest.

– Hearing a guy moan in pleasure – I like to hear what I am doing for you. If you make lots of sounds, I know I am doing something right. If I hear nothing, I worry that I am doing something wrong and may stop to check, which is then a turn off to us both.

– Hearing a guy tell me he’s cumming during sex or oral, etc – I like to know when it’s going to happen, especially if I am giving head. However, if we are having sex I will concentrate harder on trying to reach climax myself (though it is yet to happen). It will definitely speed up my orgasm if I am masturbating..

– My neck being sucked on – Oh, this is one of my favorites. Up there with my neck being kissed and nibbled on, but more so. I love feeling the rush I feel. My whole body feels lighter, hotter. My clit throbs. I get so wet.

– Teasing my clit and opening with the head of your cock – If there are any doubts about my wetness, do this. You will get a flood. Start by rubbing the tip of your cock at my opening, gathering it’s wetness. Then, slide your cock up my pussy and rub my clit with it. Do this back and forth. I will want you so bad, and get so wet, that eventually. Your cock will slip in “accidentally” eventually because I am so fucking wet. Fuck me now. Please!

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