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January 2014


I had an interesting experience the other night. I faked an orgasm so well that I had all of the normal after effects of an orgasm, as well as the during. The only thing I didn’t have was the contracting of my opening and the tingling of my clit. It was like I tricked my body into orgasm. My breathing got heavier, my heart rate increased, and I had that… Read More »Psyche!

Chain Reaction

I get extremely aroused when walking around with a  full bladder. It’s kind of a chain reaction in a way. I start by having to pee. Having to pee makes me think of how I feel when I am about to squirt. Walking while needing to pee bad makes me feel my G-Spot kind of clamp up, like I am about to have an orgasm. When I finally do pee,… Read More »Chain Reaction


Being single definitely has it’s drawbacks. I get no cuddles. Even after sex, the guys I have been with don’t cuddle (hence another reason why I am putting a stop to NSA encounters). It had been a year and a half since I had last really truly cuddled with someone. It was with Salien the day/night after I had my tonsils out. We have kept in touch off and on,… Read More »Frozen

Focusing on Me

If there is one good thing that that came from my year of no sex, it is the fact that I now know what I want and I have the courage and motivation to not settle for less. I realized this after my dry spell was broken though. It is a new year, a time for new beginnings. What I want is to not partake in sexual activities unless I… Read More »Focusing on Me

Turn Offs

I wrote about my turn Ons, but what about my turn offs? I definitely have a few. Everyone has them (I hope). Some of these turn offs have become deal breakers for me, stopping me from having what could otherwise be a really good time. This list may or may not be in any particular order. – Bad breath – There is nothing more that turns me off than bad… Read More »Turn Offs

Orgasm Count

In my lack of blogging, I lost count of how many orgasms I had throughout the year. The number for 2013 is guessed, though I feel like it is a close guess, considering how often I did masturbate. I stayed pretty consistent in that pattern. I did it about once or twice a week and based my calculations off of that. So, how many orgasms do I think I had… Read More »Orgasm Count