Turn Offs

I wrote about my turn Ons, but what about my turn offs? I definitely have a few. Everyone has them (I hope). Some of these turn offs have become deal breakers for me, stopping me from having what could otherwise be a really good time. This list may or may not be in any particular order.

– Bad breath – There is nothing more that turns me off than bad breath. There have been several times that bad breath has made me think twice about kissing someone, even stop kissing just when it starts to get hot and heavy. There is no polite way to ask someone to brush their teeth or have a mint. In my mind, it should be common sense. The fresher the breath, the deeper and heavier I will probably kiss you.

– Heavy tongue during a make out session – You have to understand, I went years without using tongue. Will hated it. I am just now starting to like it! but in moderation. You will get better results from me by sucking on my lower lip, or even my tongue if I am into it. However, I hate being choked by tongue. First reason being that I am just not used to it. The other reason being that I haven’t had the best make out sessions when I am gagging from a tongue being shoved down my throat.

– Bad body odor – I am kind of anal when it comes to cleanliness, especially in bed. Nothing kills it more for me than BO. Now, I have no problem with things getting sweaty, but when I come up to hug you or cuddle, I will shy away if the body odor is strong. However, if you are wearing Axe or cologne, good luck getting me to leave you alone. 😉

– Talking about your numbers or exes – Unless I ask, it’s kind of like don’t ask don’t tell. I probably don’t want to know. I get insecure and jealous hearing about others. I had one guy brag about how many girls he had been with. I wanted to fuck him bad until he proudly said he had slept with 27 women. However, this is where it gets complicated. What about this blog? It shares all my dirty little secrets and then some. I always feel a little guilty sharing this place with potential partners. What if my numbers turn them off? What if I am a little bit too wild (though I am pretty tame compared to others). Also, I may show more interest in who you have been with once I am comfortable you and our feelings for each other.

– Getting to know someone, liking what I learn, then have them turn the conversation sexual – Trying to date, this problem comes up 90 percent of the time. I could be really into someone, but as soon as the dirty questions start I shut down and lose interest. I find this ironic, since I am a sex blogger and love talking about sex. I just don’t want to jump into it. I want a relationship that starts slow. I love the thrill and the rush of getting to know someone sexually in person rather than online. However, this hasn’t been a complete deal breaker. I may or may not keep talking to the person. I have a good sense of what is malicious and what is innocent curiosity. As soon as the subject of sex comes up though, I will proceed with caution, assuming that sex is all that is wanted until proven otherwise.

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