“I gotta pee, babe. Is there anything else you want me to do with it? I am about to explode,”

“Umm, if we were in the shower I would love to feel your hot stream covering my body. Cover my tits, my stomach, my legs. I can even turn around and you could get my back and ass,” I shyly replied. I had never had anyone want to dirty talk with me about pee play, but I was loving it.

“Oh, baby that felt so good, so relieving,” he said later after sending me a video.

He told me it was a huge turn on to think about me holding/aiming his cock for him while he peed. I was so scared the first time that told him I wanted to do that. I was embarrassed to admit how much I loved watching a guy pee. I was so glad I told him. Gradually I have been going into more detail about what turns me on about it, and what drives me wild enough to squirt.

I don’t know if he is as into it as I am, or if he’s just acting turned on to get me to open up, but he’s been sending me lots of pictures and videos of his cock, some even of him taking a leak. It’s so fucking hot. I have no problem sending him the stuff he wants to see just so that in return I get what I want.

We met online. He lives half a state away unfortunately. For now it’s just dirty talk and texting. We have really opened up to each other about our turn ons. Him getting “excited” over the things I want to try and do get me so hot and wet. He’s really helped me explore my pee turn on a lot. Some stuff I have went into detail about I have never told anyone, let alone barely accepted myself.

He claims that he’s never told anyone the things he’s told me. The things that he’s into don’t really do it for me, but they also don’t turn me off. Just hearing and seeing his reaction to what I do for him makes it a lot less weird and so much more worth it.

I am so excited to explore my interests about what turns me on. Just talking with him about it makes it easier and easier to admit what I want. I can’t wait to explore for real someday.

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