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Chain Reaction

I get extremely aroused when walking around with a  full bladder. It’s kind of a chain reaction in a way. I start by having to pee. Having to pee makes me think of how I feel when I am about to squirt. Walking while needing to pee bad makes me feel my G-Spot kind of clamp up, like I am about to have an orgasm. When I finally do pee, it is such a relief, like an orgasm should be.

I get so aroused, walking around, feeling like I am about to cum right there. I start squeezing my kegels, imagining my bullet buzzing around on my clit. I start to tingle, and I get really wet. The longer I wait, the better it feels when I finally do get that release.

If I do this at work, when I get home it is guaranteed that I will masturbate. By that time it is a must, because I spent so much time thinking about it, getting turned on thinking about that tingly buzzy feeling on my cunt. When I finally do get home and in bed and cum, I get close to squirting. It feels amazing.

What kind of things lead you to masturbating, and is it any sort of chain reaction? I would love to know.

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