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I had an interesting experience the other night. I faked an orgasm so well that I had all of the normal after effects of an orgasm, as well as the during. The only thing I didn’t have was the contracting of my opening and the tingling of my clit. It was like I tricked my body into orgasm.

My breathing got heavier, my heart rate increased, and I had that out of body type feeling. I even have that shaky, excited feeling that I get after I cum. It was cool, and kind of made me want to experiment with this. If I practice with this, could it maybe lead to  being able to cum on command in a way? It would make things like camming and phone sex a lot easier, that is for sure. I am not sure how well it would work with a partner in physical person though, especially if they had their cock or fingers inside me. Plus, I still feel guilty if I fake it. Sometimes you just want it over and done with though, especially if they insist on your orgasm on camera or phone.

I was on my webcam with a guy I met on a dating site. I was kind of irritated at the time, because I was trying to do my taxes the whole time he kept texting, saying how horny he was. When I was done, I finally gave in, more just so that I could have something for my spank bank later, but also so that he would give it up.

I watched him stroke his cock for a long time, but I just wasn’t feeling close. I was wet, just no where near close. After he figured out I was far from the finish line, I told him if he was close he could finish. He did, and I enjoyed the show. Afterward he even went into the bathroom and let me watch him piss. That’s what could have got me going, but too soon he was done.

He got back in bed and kept rubbing and stroking softly for me. I tried damn hard to get into it. The bullet felt nice on my clit, but it just wasn’t doing it. I really just wanted to watch my piss compilation, as thats what I know does the trick. Plus, I could tell he was bored and not really into it anymore.

I made my breathing get really heavy and started moaning. I told him I was cumming. I have orgasmed so many times, focused on my breathing so many times, that my breathing now came naturally. Thats when I started to really feel like I was cumming (aside from the genital effects). I went through the different breathing waves, starting slow and heavy, then breathing faster, reaching my “climax,” and then finally slowing down.

I told him how good I felt, and he made some comment. I could tell he was done and wanted to hang up. I told him and he agreed, that he wanted to go work on his car. I let him go, relieved that I could finally have some quiet, and write about tricking my body into orgasm.

**Side note** – I will do my damnedest to have the real orgasm. Sometimes its just not going to happen. I apologize, it is nothing the other person did or didn’t do. I will however experiment alone, see how much more I can trick my body into orgasm. That sounds like a useful ability.

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