A New Chapter

Last week I finally told my room mate that I was going to start looking for apartments with a girl from work. I had been looking for a while, but the search finally got serious when the girl I was wanting to rent with decided that she wanted to rent with me as well. I had been kind of miserable there lately. A bunch of stupid stuff just kind of started to add up.

She had left several sharpie notes around the house, doors were being shut loudly, her kids were always loud, and I could never use the kitchen when I wanted. I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep because of all this.

Anyways, when I told her that I was looking she basically made me give her 30 days. I was terrified of not getting the place my friend and I were applying to. I was imagining having to put my stuff in storage and couch surf.

Anyways, we got the place! A cute two bedroom. We were super excited. However, my first night there was a bit terrifying. I was sitting in bed watching tv when I heard something outside my window, almost like they were trying to take the screen off. I heard them walk around the room (outside) and thought they were gone. Not five minutes later I heard a loud crash and glass goes flying through my room.

I haven’t really been able to relax since, but it’s getting better. Other than that one incident I love the place. My new room mate is awesome and we have a lot in common. I really look forward to our friendship growing.

I am excited to see what this new chapter in life will be about.

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