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Well, J didn’t cancel on me, as I half expected him to. In fact, things actually went really well up until the end, but more on that later. First, let me start at the beginning.

He texted me just as I was finishing up getting ready, telling me to let him know when I was on my way. I texted back and told him I was going to my car in 5 minutes. He sent me easy instructions on how to get to his house (even though I already knew thanks to google).

When I got there, he was outside waiting for me as promised. I was shaking from nerves as I got out of my car. I locked it up and turned around to see him smiling at me. We opened our arms and hugged like long lost loves.

After a long embrace, he took me by the hand and led me around the driveway and house, to the back entry where his room was. Once inside his room he shut the door and put on Netflix. I had a seat on the futon next to him in his arms. It felt natural, and soon my shaky nerves calmed down. I began to relax.

We cuddled and held hands through most of the movie. He soon changed into some sweat pants, and sat back down with me, holding me close. Eventually I was jealous of his comfy sweats and changed into my own (he suggested bringing them and I was glad he did. As I was changing, he sat up and pulled the futon out and into a bed. He laid down and I got next to him, putting my head on his chest, smiling happily.

We chatted a bit here and there. We were both too shy to say anything really, though we did make some flirty jokes off and on. I commented on how happy I was to see him again, and thanked him for inviting me over.

I am not too clear on how it started, but eventually things got turned into heavy petting. He was feeling my tits through my shirt, and I was rubbing his leg and thigh. At one point he took my hand and placed it on his cock.

Instinct took over and I rubbed it through the pants, feeling every inch of it. I traced my fingers around the head, then used my hand to rub his shaft. He moaned and I kept going. He started grabbing my ass and squeezing it.

“You’re so fucking cute!” He said under his breath. I thanked him and smiled. He leaned up and planted a soft, shy kiss on my lips. “You have such an amazing ass,” he mumbled as he spanked it once.

I reached my hand in his pants, trying to get a better grip. He sat up and loosened the drawstring before sitting back down, exposing his hard cock. I took it in my hand and started to slowly move my hand up and down.

He leaned back all the way and started to moan, telling me how amazing that felt. We began to kiss some more, as I rubbed his cock. Just as I was about to get on my knees and take him in my mouth he told me to stop, that his dad was coming down.

I stopped and we covered ourselves so that he could meet his dad at the door. They said goodnight and J shut the door. He suggested that we go into the hot tub. I thought this was a fantastic idea, and stepped into the bathroom to change into my swimsuit (also something he suggested I bring).

Once changed we walked outside and into a octagonal shaped room with a hot tub in the center. We set our towels down and he took off the cover. He stepped in first and I followed. I sat next to him on the bench and we cuddled some more, eventually moving to start kissing some more.

I maneuvered myself so that I was nearly in his lap, facing him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we kissed some more. Eventually he slid the straps of my swimsuit off and started feeling my breasts, taking turns with each nipple in his mouth.

My hand moved down and undid his drawstring so that I could play with his cock. I rubbed it some more, as he grabbed and squeezed my tits and ass. Even though we were in the hot tub, I could feel my wetness grow. I was so excited to see how far things would go.

Too soon he got too hot and we had to get out. He told me that he was way overheated and we took a breather, just cuddling on the wicker seats in the jacuzzi room. Once he cooled off enough we dried as much as we could. This is where things go downhill.

We get inside and change back into our dry clothes. He is more quiet than before, this time an uncomfortable quiet.

Me: So what do you want to do now?

Him: (Long pause) I don’t know…

Me: (Feeling like something was seriously wrong) Do you still want me here?

Him: (Even longer pause) I don’t know…

Me: Oh, ok. I can go home if you want… (I said very hesitantly)

Him: Yeah, I think that might be best. I just feel weird right now

Me: Ahh, ok (The hurt was obvious in my voice).

So, sadly I gathered the rest of my things and put on my shoes. He walked me out to my car, even gave me a hug and kiss before saying goodbye. He said he would see me again and talk online.

I drove away, angry and sad, feeling rejected. I haven’t heard from him since, except for when he messaged me once to apologize again, that I did nothing wrong, and that he just wasn’t ready for a relationship.

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