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The other day I met a guy. I shall call him Cody. I first met Cody online via a dating website about a year ago. We were planning to meet, but life interfered, we lost touch, and didn’t speak again until a couple of weeks ago when I saw him on the same dating website again.

I took a shot in the dark, unsure of how he felt about me, unsure if he remembered me, and messaged him. I briefly explained us talking before d asked if he’d be interested in chatting again. He was.

We spent the week getting to know each other. We still have a lot in common. Mostly video games, some movies, and music. The important things. 😉

It was a long and slow week, but Friday finally arrived. We decided to meet at the mall. I got there first and was just finishing up my sandwich when he walked in. He was shorter than I expected, but still taller than me. He sat down with me for a minute, then we got up and walked to one end of the mall with benches.

We sat down and chatted, making small talk at first. We kept staring at each other, smiling and grinning, then turning away shyly before immediately going back to staring at each other and smiling.

I was smiling mostly because I kept thinking how cute he was, and his smile. I loved his smile. I also loved the way he would flirt and wink at me. I thought it was adorable, and it made me melt.

When I asked what was on his mind, he told me how beautiful I was. That made me blush. I smiled and shyly thanked him, telling him that he wasn’t so bad himself.

At one point I made kind of a dirty joke. He acted like he didn’t get it and wanted me to explain. I started to, but then a little kid was standing right in front of me. I told him I would explain in a minute, when the kid was gone. He tried to get me to whisper in his ear, but remembering him saying that he was planning on kissing me at some point on our first date made me hesitate.

“You just want to get my face close so that you can try and kiss me,” I blurted out, giggling. I totally did want to kiss him, but felt that it was too soon. I needed to make him wait.

He admitted that the thought crossed his mind, then he admitted that he got the joke I made.

After that we got up and walked into a store. I walked close, kinda sticking my hand out (not obviously of course). It didn’t take him long to grab it and hold it. We walked around the store, holding hands. I started to get butterflies, and grinning from ear to ear.

When he stopped to look at something, I would lean up close and put my head on his shoulder. At one point he wrapped his arm around my waist. I then hugged him. We stood there hugging for a minute, then looked up into each other’s eyes, smiling.

Next thing I knew, his lips were on mine. His lips were soft, and if we weren’t in the store I would have wanted to have a full on make out session. I was good though, and kept the kiss brief.

We walked around some more, holding hands, then stopping to half hug and half cuddle. I really enjoyed his company. Once done at the store, we walked to the other side of the mall, still holding hands. We found benches and sat down, this time with his arm over my shoulder.

I leaned against him and could feel myself relax. We chatted more. I reached up and started rubbing his shoulders and neck. When I started scratching, he said I had the key to his heart. I thought that was cute and sweet.

We flirted and chatted. I loved that we have the same sense of humor, and are into the same things. Too soon it was time for him to go, and for me to meet my roomie at the grocery store. We walked towards the front of the mall and gave one last big hug, with this time me stealing the kiss.

I can’t wait to see where things go from here, because at this point it feels like we are looking for the same things.

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