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Morning Makeout

I met up with Cody for breakfast after work today. I had a blast. I really enjoy his company.

I texted him to tell him I was off work. I waited for a reply for a few minutes before starting my car. I never got a response, so I took off. I passed my exit and took a gamble by driving to town to our said meeting place. When I was almost there, he texted me. I arrived at the restaurant first and waited in my car, playing Pokemon.

When he texted me saying that he was there, I put my bag in my trunk and walked towards the entrance. I met him at his car and we made small talk until we got seated inside. We chatted more, getting a better feel for one another, eating breakfast. We kept smiling at each other. All I could think about was the makeout session I had planned for in my car.

Once we had finished eating and the tab was paid, we sat at the table making small talk once again. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a pack of tictacs. I took one and offered him some. He took some. I asked if he wanted to go to my car and chat.

We walked outside and I unlocked and opened the door. Before he got in, I pulled him into a hug, mumbling about not getting one when we first got here. Once done hugging (though I could never be done hugging him), I walked around to my side and got in.

I leaned over and rested my head on his shoulder, smiling. This felt nice. We embraced a bit, then started holding hands. I tilted my head to look over at him and he leaned in for a kiss. My lips met his half way and and we started kissing.

I have to say, I love the way he kisses me. His lips are so soft, and he sucks on my bottom lip, just as I like. He nibbles a bit, and at first his teeth feel a little too sharp, but I quickly grow to like it. He kisses so passionately, and so sweetly. He would cup my face in his hands and just be so sweet and tender about it.

He eventually moved the kisses over my cheek, and down to my neck. He kissed and gave a small nibble and suckle. I moaned softly, then gasped when he took my bottom ear lobe in his mouth and teeth. I started to moan. He found my weakness. I had an extremely hard time keeping my hands off.

We took a break from the kissing and just held hands. Several times I brought his hand up to my lips and kissed the back of his hand. I would also run my fingers and nails up and down his arm. He seemed to like that a lot.

I reached my hand up and started rubbing his neck, then his back. He leaned forward so that I could have easier access. I scratched and rubbed for a while, until he leaned back and we started kissing more. We went through the same pattern of kissing.

We joked about going to the hotel next to us, but couldn’t justify paying for a room for only an hour or so (since I needed to go sleep). We kissed some more, cuddled some more. He copped a feel of my left tit, then quickly stuck his hand on my crotch for half a second. I about flooded myself when he did that.

His touches, his kisses, and his words all made me want to jump his bones right there. The only thing stopping me was the public parking lot. Too soon it ended. I was getting super sleepy since it was past my bedtime. We got out and hugged and kissed some more. I groped a feel for his ass and giggled. I didn’t want to leave his hug. I felt so warm and natural in his arms.
I drove home smiling, thinking of him, thinking of us and where things might go, where they will hopefully go.

I’m getting attached, which scares the fuck out of me. I really like this guy a lot. We have so much potential. I am pretty sure he feels the same way. I am pretty sure he wants the same thing I do, but after being single so long, it’s hard to know when to make things official. It’s hard to think of someone wanting a relationship and not just sex. Anyways, I am rambling…

Until next time, where hopefully we will be in a more private place, and I won’t be so shy.

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