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Ugh, Almost a Year Since my Last Post…

Wow, it’s been too damn long. I hate that it’s been almost a year since I have written, since so much has happened. Good things and bad things. Funny things and sad things. Amazing things and fucked up things. Hopefully I can catch you all up to speed. I plan on this short recap in this post, then the ones that deserve more detail, I will do my best to recollect the most accurate memory and put it on here.

1. Had an off and on thing with J again
2. Was in a car accident that broke my neck
3. Was in a relationship and a half
4. Had another threesome with D and his roommate
5. Had the most amazing sex with J in an amazing place
6. Had my first sleepover with D

I am sure there is more, but right now I am drawing a blank. I will update as I remember.

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