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Relationship and a Half (Part 1)

Back in college I had a huge crush on a guy in one of my English classes. We talked about the things we had in common (music, camping, etc). We were even planning a camping trip for one weekend, but something came up. One day he dropped out of the class and I never heard from him again until last year.

Back in May he responded to one of my Craigslist ads. We met up for coffee and talked until closing, then went out side and talked some more. I was starting to get cold (it was getting late). He told me to wait there and went to his car and brought back a sweater. I put it on, and still wear it at home. It’s super comfortable and way over sized. I love it.

I was starting to like him, looking forward to where things were going, The next day  he added me on Facebook. I happily accepted. He then posted us as in a relationship. I was shocked, but he was a nice guy that I had known before so I went with it. I wasn’t pleased, but I wanted to give him a chance.

We met up a few more times over several of my weekends. We also talked on the phone nearly every night before I went to bed. I made a fun game of masturbating while we chatted on the phone. He never had a clue, not even when I had orgasms (quiet ones).

I got tired of driving to meet him. He lived over 45 minutes away. One time he invited me to see a tribute band. I drove out to meet him, thinking he would drive the rest of the two hour drive to the concert. When I got to meet him, he hoped in and gave me directions. I was not pleased, but we still went, since I needed to get out of the house. The concert was okay, but not really worth the drive and the gas.

The next week he invited me up to go to the river. I accepted and drove down to see him. I was starting to feel resentful of him. I felt tricked into something that I didn’t want to be in. I also felt bad, because I didn’t want to hurt him and I hate break ups, especially if I have to be the one to do it. Anyways, I got down there and all the river accesses he directed me to were inaccessible to the public. I was annoyed. We finally found one, but there was a park fee to get in. He knew the park ranger and we were let in free of charge.

The river was okay. With the drought going on in California it was really shallow and kind of boring. It was nice to get my feet wet, but I wanted to get more wet. After a little while and we were both sun burnt, I drove him home and he cooked his family and me dinner. He is a good cook, I will admit. After dinner I went home.

The next day I had my car accident. I will make another post later, but when I called him, actually glad to have “a boyfriend,” he was not home. He never called me back that night because he assumed I was asleep for work the next day. The next night I told him what happened.

A few days later he came up to visit me. I was not looking forward to the visit, but I felt like it would be good for me. I was so relieved when I had to go with my mom to get a neck brace, because that meant that he went back home.

A few days later he called and after making small talk, I ended things. I told him I wanted to be friends, but without a car it just made it harder to see him, plus I just wasn’t in the headspace for a relationship. He accepted that and agreed to be friends. The only physical thing we have ever done is hug, and it was incredibly awkward.

I am ashamed to admit it, but I avoided his calls after that. I did like being his friend, but the whole creating a relationship without talking to me first just creeped me out. I have talked to him every once in a while, but less so now because he travels for work and his number keeps changing. I have lost touch. I consider my time with him the “half” in my relationship and a half. Stay tuned for the “relationship.”

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