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Relationship and a Half (Part 2)

About a month after the last guy, I met someone on a dating website. We had a bunch in common, and seemed to have a lot to talk about. We met after a week of talking. I had my mom drop me off at a gas station near his place and we walked there. We watched a bit of netflix and cuddled, ate some of his homemade pizza and played video games. Towards the end he kissed me. I liked the way he kissed, so I kissed back and we had a nice make out session.

Over the next couple of weeks it felt like we had amazing chemistry. We communicated well, never really fighting or arguing. We didn’t really have problems until the second week or so when we had our first sleep over. The guy talked like he had a huge sex drive and promised a weekend of sex. It was my dream come true.

However, that first night when we went to bed was full of disappointment. He got me incredibly turned on. He was riding me hard then I just got the feeling like something was wrong. He stopped not long after to say he just wasn’t feeling it and apologized. I was like , “What the fuck?”

We got dressed and went to the living room. He then told me that I reminded him of his mother and he just wasn’t attracted to me, blondes in particular. He then had the nerve to ask if I would dye my hair, and maybe that would help. Pathetically I agreed. I should have dumped him then.

The next day I went with my roommate to go get hair dye and she dyed my hair. He loved it, but I just didn’t trust him anymore. I always felt like he wasn’t that into me, he was only into the idea of me.

There were other warning signs that he was not the one for me. He refused to work and lived off the system, claiming to take care of his roommate. His roommate was a girl he used to be friends with benefits with. He also never calmed me sexy, pretty, beautiful, or hot. However, he always described other girls this way.

One night the discussion of politics came up. I avoided it and he got offended. He kept prodding and badgering about my views, which i refused to give. He got very upset, feeling like I was hiding something from him. I finally told him my views, and he told me why I was wrong.

The last month we were together we never had sex. I tried, and it just didn’t happen. When I asked about it, he said we could try. We tried, and failed. Every time he started to bring his dick near my pussy he lost his boner. It was hard not to feel like it was me.

We started dating in July and broke up at the end of September when I went back to work. I hated him for sitting on his ass doing nothing when I worked my ass off every day. It didn’t help that J decided to start messaging me after nearly 6 months of silence.

I borrowed my roommate’s car that September night and went over to “the boyfriend’s” place. We talked and I told him it was over. I was nice about it. I told him I needed to work on me, and we both just weren’t in a situation where were good together. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I told him we could stay friends, and for the most part we have, though I kind of want nothing to do with him.

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