**This is another piece I started almost a year ago. I never had a chance to finish it before taking a break from blogging.**

I have to say, I had some really good sex the other day. It wasn’t even planned sex, it just kind of happened. D came over to see the new place and just comfort me after having my window broken that morning.

I gave him directions and he found the place easily. I met him at his car and he wrapped me up into a hug. We hugged for what seemed a long time and I felt myself relax in his arms.

I led him into the apartment, first showing him the living room, then the kitchen. We stopped at the kitchen for a minute to hug some more. We looked into each other’s eyes and our lips met in a hot fiery passion. We made out for a good minute or two, then I led him into my room.

Since we weren’t planning anything I left the door open. We sat on my bed and cuddled for a minute before starting to make out again, the kisses even more urgent and passionate than in the kitchen. He started to run his hands all over my back and tits, feeling me up all over. Just his hands all over me made me drip.

“Should I shut the door?” I asked breathlessly.

“If you want. I didn’t think we were going to do anything, but I wouldn’t say no,” D responded.

I flew off the bed and shut the door, returning to D’s kisses and arms. We began to undress each other, careful not to toss our clothes on the floor (as there were still glass fragments everywhere). I reached over to my dresser and pulled out my condoms so that they would be there when we were ready for them.

“Can I suck your dick?” I asked bluntly.

“You know I would never turn that down,” he said as he laid down on the bed.

I climbed in next to him and took the lower base of his cock into my right hand. I lowered my mouth down, and with my tongue, I did slow small circles on his head. Once I had him wet, I lowered my head and began to take him in. I was slow and careful about it, making sure to circle the head as I got more and more inches in my mouth.

I moved my head up and down, swirling my tongue. After a few bobs, I got a nice rhythm and picked up my pace. I continued sucking on his cock and massaging it as my mouth rode it up and down. I was a little out of practice so I sat up to catch my breath.

D sat up too and began kissing me passionately. I kissed back him back just as intently. He leaned backwards, pulling me on top of him.

“Do you want to try being on top today?” he asked.

“Sure,” I answered, smiling.

I grabbed my condom bag and put one on him. Once it was on I climbed on top, holding onto the head of my bed while he guided his dick into my wet, aching pussy. I held on tight to my headboard as he slowly began to thrust below me.

When he got a good rhythm he picked up the pace while I held on tighter, enjoying the ride. Too soon my ride was over, though. My leg started cramping at my hip and I had to get off. I pulled off and laid down, stretching out my leg. D climbed in between my legs and slid his cock into my already warmed up pussy.

He rode me hard and fast, while I scratched down his back. My breathing started picking up and I started talking dirty to him, asking if he was going to come for me. I started moaning in pleasure, enjoying his cock thrust inside my cunt.

When I started tightening my kegels around his cock, he told me he was coming. I held my grip, smiling at him as he came.

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