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As mentioned a few posts ago, J started texting me after nearly 6 months of silence. I flat out told him I didn’t trust him, that every time I start to think I will never hear from him again, I do. Then, just when I start to think things have changed and that he is more reliable, he disappears. I got tired of it.

He told me he talked to a friend and the friend encouraged him to do what makes him happy, and being around me made him happy. He told me that he was serious this time and wanted to work on his (lack of) social skills.

After a lot of texting back and forth, a lot of skyping, and even some WoW, he actually seemed normal. We had some deep conversations, and he was completely honest with anything I wanted to know. I was having fun talking with him. He even shared about his learning Japanese. I found it fascinating that he was teaching himself, and I loved it when he showed me how to write my name in Japanese letters.

Every few nights he would ask to come over and hang out. I always told him no. I knew where it would lead and I needed to be single before any of that. He understood when I explained to him, though I also admitted how unhappy I was, and was waiting for the right time to dump the guy I was with.

When I was finally single I let him come over. We cuddled and watched Netflix. Later in the evening we kissed, then started heavy petting. The heavy petting led to him taking his cock out and jerking off, with a little help from me.

He came over once a week, for about a month straight. It was a huge change from his old pattern. I really started to believe it was for real this time. One night when I got off work I even was able to go to his place (that is a post of its own).

One night our heavy petting went a little further. I asked him what he wanted to do. I hadn’t brought up sex since the night we tried and he lost his erection. He said he wanted to do me.

I got out my condoms and put one on him with no problems. I got on my back and he got between my legs. Together we guided his cock into my extremely wet pussy. I wrapped my legs around him as he started thrusting slowly into me.

He felt good, natural. I started moaning, telling him how good he felt. He would slow down from his thrusting to lean forward and kiss me. As we kissed I would tighten my levels around him, making him moan.

Let me tell you, that boy had stamina. I was impressed with how much he was able to thrust, how hard he was able to thrust and keep up a good rhythm. At one point he got even deeper and harder by throwing my legs over his shoulders.

Sadly he ended up losing his hard on again because of his meds. We cuddled some more before he left. I thought he would go silent again, and he did sort of. I didn’t hear from him for a week because he had to go out of town. He told me he lost his phone and couldn’t text.

One weekend he wanted to come over, but I was battling a nasty stomach bug. He stopped talking when I said no, not that night. We quit playing WoW together. The character he was leveling with me was suddenly way ahead of the one I made to play with him. He quite rending to my messages in WoW. He stopped logging into Skype. Every night I checked my WoW friend list to see if he was still there. After several weeks of his silence I wasn’t at all surprised to see him missing from my friend list.

I almost had him. I don’t regret falling for him again. Hell, I wouldn’t mind hearing from him again. He gave me one of my best sexual experiences in my life (another post, I promise). Yeah, I am irritated that he gave up, but I understand. He has a lot of mental shit going on that he has a hard time coping with. I just wish he would let me be there for him.

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