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The Accident

Well, i have mentioned it enough, I guess I should talk about it. I will warn, it’s not very sexy, so I understand if you pass it up.

I was at a 4-way intersection. The north and south had stop signs, the east and west did not. I was coming up on the west side. I slowed down, almost to a full stop just in case. The road was completely clear, so I started turning left. I had just started my turn when I felt a crash. I didn’t know what the fuck was going on.

I looked up to see my hood smashed up and a car in front of me, smashed up as well. Next thing I knew, a lady came out of a building holding a phone. She asked if I wanted her to call 911, and I looked at her funny while I grabbed my phone and said I had one.

She immediately called for me, as I was too out of it. I kept asking myself what the fuck just happened. Minutes later the cops came, then the tow trucks. Apparently the other driver was my cousin I hadn’t seen in 7+ years.

When being questioned, I was completely honest. I had no idea what happened. She was not there when I started my turn. The police took out information and left. The tow truck driver was a complete dick to me. I was confused and out of it and he was not helping. He dropped me off at a friend’s up the road and took my car to the yard.

To this day I still don’t know what the fuck happened. It is extremely fuzzy. Apparently she was coming at me from the east. She had to have been speeding, but it didn’t matter. Because I was turning left, it automatically made it my fault.

I hold a lot of resentment towards her. She got a new car, and because I only had minimum coverage, I got nothing. I did have a broken neck and a car in the wreckers. I was off work three months and still on light duty because my neck and back do weird shit now. I also had to take out my nipple piercings for the multiple X-Rays and CT scans. I also have to get an MRI on my neck now when I can get it worked out.

So yeah, car accidents fuck shit up. I have been recently extremely depressed about it and everything it’s caused and taken away. It put me in huge debt and I just didn’t feel like it was going to get better. However, 2015 is finally letting me catch a break…

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