Catching a Break

Tuesday was a good day. It started with sex. D came over at 6 AM before I got ready for work and gave me a nice hard fucking. We had a nice make out session, though all in all it was a quickie. A nice quickie, especially since he’s going out of town for a week.

Work was work, I didn’t want to be there, but I got no flack from my supervisor when I asked to leave two hours early. I had plans with family to go get insurance on the car they are giving me. We were able to put the car in my name there, once it’s smog checked I will get the pink slip. I have a car now!!!!

When I got home I saw the Mail on my bed that the roommate left me. Normally it’s bills. I got a sudden sense of dread. I opened the envelope, wondering why in the fuck disability was sending me stuff again. It turned out to be the $1,300 they owed me for the month they didn’t pay me.

I couldn’t believe how good of a day it was. I scored fucking big. I then got to talk to Ginger online. He will be coming over next week for dinner.

So, I started the day with sex, got a free car, got a free lunch, then got paid money I thought I would never see again. Can all my days start with sex? Please? 😀

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