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A few weeks ago D offered to pick me up after he got off work. The plan was to pick up pizza, watch movies, and have me sleep over, then he would drop me off on his way to work. I loved this idea, since I had never slept over with D, though always wanted to.

The night went as planned, and I had a blast. It was something new with D, and it made me feel closer to him. He informed me that Brad was going to be staying over after he got off work. I was really excited about this, imagining another threesome. I became really bummed when I learned that we would be asleep by the time he got off work.

That night we went to bed. We kissed goodnight. After a few minutes D made a comment about his “new soft underwear.” I took that as an invitation and reached over to grope him. His underwear was soft, but his cock was not, and I pointed it out. D was relieved to hear that I had condoms in my purse.

I left the cozy bed to get them, and we had a nice fuck. After, he fell asleep and I tried to sleep. I don’t sleep well in new places. Eventually I fell asleep, and woke up to D missing from the bed. I looked at the time and saw that it was time for him to get ready. I figured I should start getting ready too.

We spent some time looking for his work pants, eventually finding them in the room Brad was sleeping. I decided to fuck with him. D was still finishing getting ready, so I went back in to Brad, who was snoring peacefully.

I started rubbing his nipples and he started waking up. I told him good morning and he realized it was me. He rolled over from his side to his back and I reached my hand under his covers to find his dick. I started rubbing that, feeling it turn rock hard at my touch.

Brad started moaning, begging for a blowjob. I told him there wasn’t enough time. He made a sad sound and I rubbed more. At that moment D called for me that he was ready. I apologized to Brad, gave him a hug and kiss, then bolted from the room to leave with D. I told him everything on the way home and we laughed.

I was amused at myself, but also felt a tiny bit bad for the hardened state I left Brad in. That was a fun sleepover, and maybe, hopefully, Brad can join us next time. He might even get that blowjob he begged for.

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