Fucked Up Move, Bro

The night after I had my accident I called Will. It was his night off from work, no one else was awake and I couldn’t sleep. I told him everything that happened and he did his best to comfort me. He later mentioned that he was soon going to get his mom’s car once she got her new one. He said when that happened he would give me his pickup.

I thought it was a little too good to be true, but an amazing offer nonetheless. Everyone that knew Will and how much his mom despised me told me it wouldn’t happen. I kind of believed them, especially since it was his dad’s pickup before he died. I still had faith. It was a gas hog, but it would be free.

I asked every once in a while, but his mom hadn’t gotten her new car yet. Something about it being special order, still in the maker’s country, etc.

Getting the car from my cousins came to a wonderful surprise. I was so excited, I called will to tell him the good news. He then told me his excitement of having his mom’s car.

I paused for a second as it sank in. I asked what he was going to do with his pickup now, since I had my own wheels. That is when he told me he had sold it to a coworker a couple weeks before. Wait, what?!?!

I asked when he was planning on telling me, and he told me as soon as I told him about my car. Again, what? I was in shock that he told me he would give me something then turn around and sell it. It’s pretty fucked up in my opinion. If he had changed his mind about the plans he should have told me. I would have understood.

At least I have my own wheels. And it is much cheaper on gas than what his pickup was. Still though, principles dude!

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