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Alcohol and How I Do

I have a high tolerance for alcohol. It takes a lot to get me buzzed, and when that happens I am on a fast track to being drunk. It definitely helps that my roommate makes amazing mixed drinks.

A few months ago we had a girl’s night. A coworker had her guy friend drive us to a strip of local bars and be our designated driver. I got excited every time I hear his huge pickup purr. It was so sexy.

Anyways, before leaving, us girls (roommate, coworker, and I) all had a glass of wine and a shot of a mixed drink. We climbed in the pickup and headed to the first bar. At first I was having a lousy time. I was feeling bummed out about life, and everything with it. I had no money to buy drinks, so the girls bought them for me.

I didn’t start getting a buzz until the second bar, and by the third bar I was shit faced. I have no idea how I made it to the pickup, in and out of it. I have no idea what the fuck I drank, nor how much. Bits and pieces I still don’t remember, or they are very hazy.

I remember eventually drinking everyone else’s drink once mine was empty. I eventually started getting very grabby towards the girls, grabbing their asses and tits. I remember texting D all kinds of dirty and needy things. I don’t remember the ride home, but apparently I was very vocal about wanting to scissor the coworker that was with us. I sort of remember flashing them as they dropped us off. My roommate joined in. We think it was her idea.

I somehow made it in and out of the shower. When I got to bed I started posting pics and nasty things on Twitter. I remember having a sexy conversation with a mutual follower. I have no idea how the fuck I made it to work, I think I was still drunk. I am even more clueless on how I didn’t have a hangover.

This last weekend I didn’t get quite as fucked up, but I got close. It was just my roommate, her boyfriend, and I. I sent dirty texts to D, Brad, and a dirty guy I know. Brad was frustrated because he was at work, D was asleep. I got grabby with my roommate, and she started to get grabby with me.

When it came bedtime, who the fuck knows how I made it in and out of the shower. Once in bed, I started getting dirty on Twitter again. I managed a blog post, then passed out.

I guess I am smart enough to stay away from Facebook and my vanilla twitter. I also am careful to not send texts to the wrong person. Alcohol makes me horny. It also makes me gutsy. I love the idea of getting all kinds of pictures taken for this blog, but when I am sober it sounds like a terrible idea. When drinking, my roommate talk about doing a naughty photo shoot. It has yet to happen.


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