My new toys are fucking scary. They were bigger than I expected. If you haven’t been following my Twitter, I ordered the Tantus Cush and Flurry. I was so excited for them that I even held off on masturbating several nights in a row.

When I got home Thursday the package was on my bed. I tore it open, and my mouth dropped. How the hell am I going to put them inside me, especially the Cush. They will ruin me, especially if I end up using them a lot.

That night after my shower I got in bed and tried to insert the Flurry. It wasn’t happening. I just couldn’t get it in, and wetness wasn’t a problem. I finally shifted enough and was able to slide it part way in. It felt tight, and full, but not in a good way. It was almost uncomfortable.

I put my bullet on my clit and went to town, relaxing and getting wetter with each tiny circle. The Flurry was distracting, so I pulled it out and set it aside. Within minutes I came hard and fast, squirting too.

I figured I would wait a few minutes and then try for a round two, thinking that maybe I need more warmup and that the orgasm should help. Unfortunately, I passed out. Maybe next time. I am determined to be able to use that Cush.

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