Writing Habits

One pattern I notice with my blogging is that if I don’t have a post up every day, I get out of the habit of writing. One day will turn into two, then a week, a month, etc. I tend to stop completely once I stop for even a day. TMI Tuesday and Sinful Sunday help a lot. That’s two days a week I don’t have to think too hard on, though I run out of ideas fast with Sinful Sunday pictures.

I had a lot to catch up on, but I feel like I am at a writer’s block. There are several ideas I have, but they aren’t inspiring enough to start writing. I thought about this while I took my shower tonight, wondering what I was going to write, especially now since I just spent more money than I should have on a domain name for this place.

One thing I plan is to start back up my “Facts That Make Me Sound Crazy.” I want to write a full on review of MiMi. This is a sex blog. I want to write about sex, but damnit, I am just not getting any right now. D has been sick ever since he got back from a trip, and it has been nearly a month since we last saw each other (and fucked).

Most of all, I want to write about what you want to read. Comment on this post, email me, etc. ask me questions, give me a scenario for a piece of erotica. Give me something I can use.