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I love to flirt online. It is a huge confidence booster when exchanging flirts online. Friday afternoon I got a message from a guy several hours away from me. For once he actually seemed to have read my page so I messaged back. I couldn’t respond back until after work, but the conversation flowed nicely.

We chatted for several hours, eventually moving it to Skype for quicker response time. We talked until bedtime, which all in all about 6 hours off and on. The next night was the same, talking until after three. However, after seeing Fifty Shades of Grey, I was a little wound up.

The flirtation was heavy on both sides. Eventually we turned the conversation to partners and experience, what we were looking for, etc. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I got MiMi out and had a nice long orgasm. My roommate was not home so I let myself be loud. We weren’t on voice chat, so I had no worries.

A little bit later he openly admitted to starting to rub one out before bed. I asked if I could help and he suggested pics. I asked if he had some. He said yes, so we started a pic exchange. I was impressed with the pics he sent, and he seemed to like mine.

I have no idea if it will turn into more than just flirting online, but he doesn’t live that far from me. Maybe a 2-3 hour drive on a good day. I am ok either way. For now it is just fun to have a flirt buddy.

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