March 2015

TMI Tuesday – Yes, I’m Listening

Hi peeps! It’s been a long day, I’m exhausted. No energy to be creative for TMI Tuesday so I ripped these questions (and modified) from a dating website. Yes, I’m listening… 1. Who has been the biggest influence in your life? Honestly, this blogging community. My parents influenced me, but not in the best ways. My mom made me paranoid as fuck and dad, just…that’s a story for another day.… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Yes, I’m Listening

Another Dinner with Ginger

I had a nice time hanging out with Ginger Friday night. I made baked ziti, and it was delicious. At first he was late though, and I hadn’t heard from him. I tried texting him, but got no response. Dinner was done and I was hungry. I was about to eat without him and was killing time talking to fellow bloggers on Skype. I was starting to blame the fact… Read More »Another Dinner with Ginger

Sinful Sunday – Uncut

I really hate this picture. I took it last week during my little mini photo shoot. I was going to crop the hell out of it, but I decided to leave it uncut, to show some of the real me. In my naughty pictures, I always try and hide my largeness. This one shows it a great deal. The outfit does a terrible job of supporting my breasts, leaving them… Read More »Sinful Sunday – Uncut

Getting My Drive Back

A few weeks ago I had a cold that knocked me down hard. In that time the impossible happened. I lost my fucking sex drive. Sex was the furthest thing on my mind. I didn’t even have the energy, oxygen, or will to even masturbate.  After what seemed like forever, I came back from the dead. Of course, this all happened at work. There I was, minding my own business,… Read More »Getting My Drive Back

Something Great

Growing up, I never imagined myself as a writer, however I loved reading and excelled at spelling. In classes I loved the poetry section when it came to writing. I had a huge binder full of poems that I wrote, ranging from school, to boys, to home, etc. I would love to find it again, but I have no idea where it is. That makes me sad. I had a… Read More »Something Great

Shit Eating Grin

I haven’t seen Ginger since January. I asked him to join me a few weeks ago to a work party but he was out of town. I texted him on Monday to ask how he was and it had been long time no talk. His response? “I am really good. I miss you.” I had a grin the rest of the day. Coworkers in the break room commented on my… Read More »Shit Eating Grin

TMI Tuesday – WTH is She Thinking?

It is Monday. In my head is a scary place to be. Here’s what is flowing out of my brain for this TMI Tuesday… WTH is she thinking?! 1. You have been asked to organize a sex & kink weekend. Will you be more of a “hands-on” person or more of an “ideas” person? I would say hands on, most definitely. 2. Assuming you are the hands-on type at this… Read More »TMI Tuesday – WTH is She Thinking?


There has been a new guy in the office I have been helping out in. I added him to Facebook a while ago, but the other night I decided to finally message him, since we never get to talk at work. The conversation went ok, though he didn’t seem too interested. I waited a few more days and sent him another message, this time in one of my “Fuck it… Read More »Thanks

Looking Back

One thing I have enjoyed about having my own domain are the WordPress plugins. I have not yet been able to find all that I am looking for, but one of my favorites is the one that picks a random post (with customizable settings) and links it one Twitter every four hours (at my chosen time). I have really enjoyed looking back, remembering old experiences, past crushes and loves, and… Read More »Looking Back