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30 Days of Truth – Day 08 – Someone Who Made Your Life Hell

**I started this series a while back, and am going to try to finish it**

There have been many people who made my life hell, not just one. The worst time I remember though, was in elementary school. The kids there were horrible, and I didn’t feel like the teachers helped much either.

I got made fun of mostly because of my weight. I was a serious loner who only wanted to be accepted. I had a few friends, but they never lasted, always getting corrupted by the “cool kids.”

I had a terrible time at recess. If I did happen to get included, it was so that the other kids could make fun of how they ran faster than I walked. When I tried to mind my own business and read a book in a secluded spot the kids would take away my book, making fun of me for reading. I was miserable.

To this day I still hate sports. I tried to get into them, but the kids never wanted to teach me. At PE and dodge ball came around I always got showered with balls. Teachers never helped. Even when I went crying to them for help, they pretty just told me to suck it up and show that I wasn’t upset.

One time on lunch break in 4th grade a girl in my class cornered me in the bathroom and squirted Capri Sun in my eyes after stealing my glasses. She only got a referral, and I got detention because I apparently egged her on. In third grade a girl accused me of cutting her in line and bit me on my barely grown tit.

So yeah, elementary school was miserable for me, junior high still sucked, high school was a tad better, bullying wise (except for the time a couple of girls called pretending to be a cute boy in class and asked me out. I fell for it, then made a total ass of myself the next day when I saw said boy), and college was amazing.

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