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Getting My Squirt Back

I squirted when I had my first orgasm. Not only did I not know that what I had was an orgasm, I thought I had pissed all over my floor and computer chair. I started making sure to pee and empty my bladder before masturbating, but I got the same wet and messy results.

It wasn’t until I started reading blogs that I learned that squirting was a thing. I thought it was cool and rare that I could squirt just from clitoral stimulation. Most guys I talked to thought it was pretty sexy that I could squirt, though no one ever was around when I did it.

When I started dating Will, I brought up the topic of squirting. He was disgusted at the idea. I never told him that I could squirt. I stopped doing it all together when we moved in together, as I tended to soak the bed. I always knew when to stop my orgasm to prevent squirting.

When Will and I broke up I still couldn’t squirt. I was so used to not doing it that I could never push myself over that edge. It took three years to learn to squirt again. It was a joyous day when I finally did. It took just the right video. It didn’t take long for me to squirt almost every time I came.

When I got MiMi, I don’t squirt, I gush. I love it. I will never let a man (or anyone) control the way I come, ever again.

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