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I have a tool of a supervisor. I have no idea what to do, as I am in between a rock and a hard place. Our department has no manager. This is the casino’s solution to saving money. We have a supervisor with no training, no tact, and can be very unprofessional. Sometimes I feel bad for the guy because he gets everything dumped on him with no idea what to to. Today however, I had no sympathy for the asshole.

He came in on his day off today, which was reason number one for him being in a bad mood. He asked me to do something, and I took a shortcut to get the information he wanted without leaving the office. Before I was even to tall him what he supposedly wanted to hear, he snapped at me to leave the office because he needed to “do something confidential.”

I left, pissed off. I had thirty minutes left in my shift, wanted to leave early all day, but no one would give permission, and he sends me out. Yet I wasn’t able to leave completely. I stormed out and went to the break room to cool off.

He has a bad problem of giggling when giving orders, making us not take him seriously when asked to do something. He then giggles when he is upset for said thing not being done. His delivery really sucks.

He has taken food without permission. In the break room he will help himself to food on the tables that is not his; a bite off this plate here, a bite off another one over there, etc. One day he even took my chips out of my bag in the office and ate the whole thing. He did the same thing with my cookies once.

One time he actually grabbed me. He handed me something to put in the office as he was leaving. As I was turning to put it in said office, he reached out and grabbed my arm so he could grab a piece off of whatever he handed me. It kind of hurt, but he was giggling.

His attitude sucks. He is trying to make everyone happy, but is making enemies instead by not handling the situation appropriately. A few problem coworkers have tried going to HR to throw him under the bus and failed miserably. I have considered HR myself, but I feel like if I bring up my problems with him I will get my own investigation.

I admit, I am not the most star employee. I have been on thin ice since being on light duty. I have no filter; I say “fuck” a lot and make inappropriate sexual innuendos all the time. I just don’t want things to bite me in the ass if I do complain to someone about this guy. I am just at a loss at what to do about this tool.

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