My List

This weekend we had a girl’s night. We had pizza, drinks, giggles. At one point we talked about how many dicks we have handled. I stepped away and pulled out my list. Yes, I have a list of everything I have done and with whom. Some girls were impressed, others surprised, one might have been slightly appalled. Currently the list is as follows:

Kissed (Either on the lips or a full on makeout session: 22 (4 girls, 18 guys)

Blow job: 12 (swallowed for 5)

Went down on me: 7

Hand Job: 4

PIV Sex: 8 (2 unprotected)

Anal: 1

Wore a Strap on for me: 2

Fucked me with dildo: 2

Gave cunnilingus: 1

I fucked with dildo: 1

All together, I have handled 16 different cocks. I have barely played with 1 pussy.


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