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30 Days of Truth – Day 11 – Something People Seem to Compliment You the Most On

I don’t get a lot of compliments. I honestly feel like I only get compliments when I post a weekly Sinful Sunday picture. I have thought about this prompt long and hard. For a while I had nothing. However, there is one thing that I feel confident on and feel like I am guaranteed a compliment (though I mean that in the least cocky way possible).

I am a damn good cook. I love having friends over that I can cook for. I especially like to cook for potential dates, as they always say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. For me, it is true.

One of my specialties is a Mexican lasagna. Imagine a lasagna, but made with the ingredients of an enchilada dish, and with noodles. In high school I tried to make friends by baking cookies and stuff for class mates. The friendships lasted as long as the cookies were there, sadly.

I haven’t cooked as much lately. A combination of laziness and lack of money for big meals. The last person I cooked for was Ginger. He was pretty impressed with the lasagna. I plan on making minestrone soup soon, as my roommate asked about it and we have both been sick.

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