TMI Tuesday and St. Patty’s Day

Happy TMI Tuesday and…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

pot of gold and rainbow_tmi
1. You found your pot o’ gold. How much is in the pot? What will you do with your gold?

I would be happy with a few thousand dollars. Enough to clear my credit card debt from my car accident and time off work, with a little bit of spending money extra. But, if I was to be greedy, a million or more would be nice, then I could buy a nice house to settle down in.

2. Some things get better with age, have you? What specifically has gotten better?

I feel like my wisdom has gotten a little bit better. I learned a lot of hard lessons in the past few years. Some things we just have to learn on our own, especially when it comes to mistakes.

3. Are you above average or below average?

Depends on what we are talking about here. 😉

4. What was the last romantic act you did for someone? Did they appreciate it?

I used to write poems in high school for the guys I liked. Sadly, they did not appreciate my gestures, only thought they were creepy.

5. Think back to your very last argument, whose fault was it?

Mother nature. My roommate and I both came down with nasty colds and we have been at each other’s throats since then.

Bonus: I have an overactive __sex drive___ .

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