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Just a quick post, mostly to put the basis of my thoughts down for when I have time to write something more detailed and profound. Also to keep up with my steady posting streak.

I couldn’t sleep the other night. I got maybe 3 hours. I tossed and turned, staring at the clock, feeling more and more angry as time slipped by that I was still awake. My mind just wouldn’t stop. It was also probably due to the fact that it was my first night off the NyQuil in a week because I remembered it to late.

I thought about what I could be writing, which unfortunately those thoughts are long slipped away. I mostly started feeling lonely though. I was wishing at that moment that I had someone to share my day with, someone to lean on while being sick.

I think these thoughts mostly came was because the last time I laid awake all night it was with a guy I was dating. We stayed up all night talking because he couldn’t sleep in my bed.

I saw D on Sunday. We chatted after he brought over a mix cd he made for me. It was nice to see him and chat. He didn’t stay long because I was sick, and obviously we didn’t have sex. I still have mixed feelings on that. He hasn’t heard from her and doesn’t expect to. When I was at the doctors last week for a breathing treatment I had them do an STD testing panel. Everything looked clean they said. I knew it was, but it was nice to get that reassurance.

I am thinking of making a day trip this weekend and meeting that guy I mentioned a few weeks ago. I would like to get out of town and I need a new swimsuit and can’t find any in my size here. I also might look for some jeans, as i only have sweats and work pants that fit, and work pants are too expensive to wear outside of work. We shall see what the weather and finances say.

Hopefully I will have something less random tomorrow night.

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