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Ranting Facebook Woes

Today I was on break and scrolling through my Facebook feed and noticed a friend apologizing to anyone who might get deleted, to not take any offense and to feel free to re-add her. She stated that she just wanted to see who her real friends were and to weed out the ones that never talk to her or hang out with her.

This is not the first time I have seen this on my feed, and normally see it as a cry for attention. They get tons of comments and messages begging to not be deleted. She has actually done this several times.

Sadly, both times I succumbed to her trap and sent a private message saying that contacting goes both ways, I would hate to get deleted and that the times I have tried to reach out she has been too busy or uninterested. She immediately wrote back both times saying that I have never been on her delete list.

However, as the conversation continued, she mentioned that her fiancee and her were starting to wedding plan. I said I hoped I was invited, as we have been through a lot together. Hell, we¬† (her fiancee, her, and I) had our first threesome together. She said she would see, as she wasn’t sure if there would be seating room in the venue, parking, and a few other possible “restrictions.” I took that as a no on the invite, but we will see.

One time I did get deleted by a “friend” during their Facebook purge. I quit talking to them and they wondered why. I told them I wasn’t planning on re-adding them, as I don’t play that game. It is a fucking annoying cry for attention. The only reason I messaged the one girl was because they were my first in many ways, and I have the idea that maybe someday it could happen again, now that we are all a lot more experienced.

I really hate Facebook sometimes. The only reason I still have mine is because it is the only way to keep in touch with some people. I never update mine, rarely like and share things. Mostly because my friend list is so varying in friend types. Conservative/prudish types, family members (some up there with the prudes),

I consider making one for the blog, but I don’t want to accidentally cross the two. I believe the conspiracies that Facebook is spying on us all. If I did make one, would you add/follow me?

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