There has been a new guy in the office I have been helping out in. I added him to Facebook a while ago, but the other night I decided to finally message him, since we never get to talk at work. The conversation went ok, though he didn’t seem too interested.

I waited a few more days and sent him another message, this time in one of my “Fuck it all” moods. I asked if he liked coffee, and he responded with a yes with a huge grin. I took that as encouragement, so I asked him to coffee sometime after work.

He made me sit and wait for a response, then all I got was “Thanks.” What the fuck does that mean? I waited a bit more, contemplating what he meant, wondering if it was a “thanks, but no thanks,” when he responded again. He asked me why!

I was a little shocked, with a small hint of amusement mixed with frustration. I said to that we could get to know each other, as I thought he seemed really nice. He said I seemed really nice too, and thanked me again.

It was a little while later, then he sent me an emote of a coffee cup with a huge grin on its face. I took that as a shy and hesitant bit of encouragement, so I pressed further, saying that I took that as a yes.

An hour later he responded with “Thanks, but I really don’t think that’s a good idea.” I messaged back, saying “Ok, no problem.” Haven’t heard from him since. I get to see him tomorrow though, joy!

So I wonder, does he think its a bad idea because he is already taken, because we work together (sort of), or what? I have no fucking clue. I don’t really care to be honest, I kind of expect rejection, so it doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, it makes me even more determined to meet someone new. I will say, I have a new hate for “thanks.”

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