Shit Eating Grin

I haven’t seen Ginger since January. I asked him to join me a few weeks ago to a work party but he was out of town. I texted him on Monday to ask how he was and it had been long time no talk. His response? “I am really good. I miss you.” I had a grin the rest of the day.

Coworkers in the break room commented on my smile. Another one, a friend this time, said “Well that’s a shit eating grin if I ever saw one. Tell me what’s up.” I told her, and she was happy.

Never have I reached for my phone that quick. We made plans for him to come over this Friday. I am making him baked ziti and told my roommate to find somewhere else to be that evening. I don’t really expect anything to happen, with his inexperience and family upbringing. I am just looking forward to his company. Maybe we might get as far as a hug this time though? Hopefully, we shall see.

So yeah, nothing puts a smile shit eating grin on my face greater than when my crush texts me, especially when he says he misses me.


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