Something Great

Growing up, I never imagined myself as a writer, however I loved reading and excelled at spelling. In classes I loved the poetry section when it came to writing. I had a huge binder full of poems that I wrote, ranging from school, to boys, to home, etc. I would love to find it again, but I have no idea where it is. That makes me sad.

I had a diary in junior high, and a notebook in high school. I wrote in them all the time, ranging from rants to happy thoughts, to just plain ramblings of the thought processes in my head. I can’t find that either. I had some erotica (horrible stuff) that I wrote my senior year when I had no idea what I was doing. I would love to share it on here if I ever find it again. Once I started this blog, however, I stopped writing in anything else.

Lately I have had the urge, even a need sometimes, to write something great. Something amazing that sweeps many by storm. Even something that becomes easily famous, like Twilight or Fifty Shades. Obviously what I write is way better than those, but there are things I lack in my writing.

I lack character development. I can describe up to a certain point, then it becomes rambly, rather than flowing. I have no idea where to start on something like that. Ever since high school I have had recurring dreams of writing a steamy romance novel, but none of the ideas seem to stick. They just don’t seem great enough. I feel like I can’t think of something that someone hasn’t already written.

I have considered an autobiography, or some sort of advice book, especially people who want to explore or were just extremely sheltered, but I feel like I have nothing life changing.

I have been considering taking a creative writing class, to help open up my mind a bit more, but I don’t know. I could easily just google prompts. I am terrible at critiquing or having my work criticized.

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