Another Dinner with Ginger

I had a nice time hanging out with Ginger Friday night. I made baked ziti, and it was delicious. At first he was late though, and I hadn’t heard from him. I tried texting him, but got no response. Dinner was done and I was hungry. I was about to eat without him and was killing time talking to fellow bloggers on Skype. I was starting to blame the fact that I had shaved my legs, since every time I tend to do so my plans tend to go to hell.

Finally he showed up and we immediately dished up. Once again, we just ate and talked. I learned a little bit more about him. We both opened up to each other a little bit more. At times I had trouble keeping my thoughts clean, as there were points where I started undressing him with my eyes, imagining myself just straddling him on the couch. Luckily I kept these thoughts to myself.

There were times that I wanted to move closer. We were sitting on two separate couches (in an L shape). I went from wanting to just sit on the same couch as him, to wanting to sit next to him in his arms. When we were in the kitchen (dishing up, putting stuff away, etc) I felt his nearness and I just wanted to take him in my arms. I was too much of a pussy to do anything.

However, halfway through the evening, he moved from one end of his couch to the other, putting himself closer to me instead. I at first thought it was because I was shoing him some pictures, but when he got up to do something and came back, he sat in the same close spot.

I had been terrified at the idea of pursuing a relationship with him, just because I don’t feel ready, nor do I think I could stand some of the church aspects in his life. However now, I think I could do it. I know that he would be the sweetest, most loyal, and faithful man I have ever been with,

He said some things that made my pussy drip. He had no idea that what he was saying was incredibly hot to me, but damn, Just damn, I don’t think I have ever wanted anyone that bad in my life.

We talked for 6 hours straight, from 5:30 to 11:30 when he finally was ready for me to take him home. On the way there he said he was going to plan a dinner at his house and invite me next time. I am looking forward to it. Damnit though, I still haven’t gotten a hug. To be in those arms….

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