Feeling Left Out

Saturday we had a party. It was mostly a party in celebration of my roommate’s birthday last week. It was the usual affair; lots of alcohol, horny women, and hot guys who showed up later (though my roommate’s boyfriend and a coworker’s boyfriend were there from the beginning).

We had a barbecue, potato salad, corn on the cob, chips and dip, etc. Did I mention lots of alcohol? We all got shit faced. I stayed somewhat sober, surprisingly. My roommate got trashed. Once she was trashed, she brought out her tits. She flashed a friend and me in the kitchen, having her take a picture and send it to my supervisor. He showed up three hours later.

My supervisor is a pretty cool guy, though he has been known to be a total dick (as I have written about before). So he mostly came over to see a girl that used to work with us and hasn’t seen her since she left. He didn’t know it was my place he was coming to. He couldn’t stay long, as he had to get back home, but he did have a drink. My roommate, friend that he came to see, and I walked him out to his (sexy as fuck) pickup).

My supervisor and friend had a cigarette. Somehow the topic of boobs came up. My roommate admitted that they were her boobs he saw in the picture. He asked to see. She had no problem lifting her shirt and he copped a feel. He the reached with the other hand and groped our friend.

I was left untouched. I was a little bummed about this. Both girls then each grabbed a tit. I didn’t feel better. I wanted my supervisor to do it. Now, before you start thinking “He is your supervisor, of course he won’t touch you,” that is actually untrue. Remember my piercings I am getting back? He is the one that will be doing them.

The fact that he won’t touch me in play makes me a little nervous in how he will be able to do it when he pierces me. Yeah, I get that it is a completely different setting, but still, I was drunk and horny. Not to mention feeling a little left out. I think he should have at least got a peak to see what he would be working with.

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