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TMI Tuesday – Flesh and Fantasy

Much thanks to yours truly for this week’s TMI Tuesday questions.

Flesh And Fantasy

1.) What was your biggest fantasy once you discovered sexy things?

I really wanted to give a blowjob. I loved the idea of having that control, plus I have always had an oral fixation

2.) Did you get to do said fantasy, and if so would you do it again?

I did when I was 18  I would so do it again, though it’s not so much of a fantasy now, as it is a must do  I love the control, and the trust my partner has in me to let me have his cock near my teeth.

3.) Was it as good as imagined?

It was 7 years ago, but I think it was better than I had ever imagined. I was a complete natural, and my boyfriend at the time had never had one. I have also been able to make guys come from a blowjob that had never done so before.

4.) Describe said fantasy.

The first time I sucked a cock was not planned  we had just got done from school that day and rushed to my place from the bus stop. It was pouring cats and dogs outside, and by the time we made it in were drenched. We took off some of our clothes, staying in our underwear. I pushed out and changed, while he was stuck in his underwear. I had a bit of a staring problem and kept looking at his dick, showing through his tighty whiteys.

I asked if I could see it, since it was my first true close up of a dick. He took it out, and by this time he was very hard. I asked if I could touch it, and we sat on my bed while I touched and played with it. He taught me that I didn’t need to be so gentle.

he asked if I would kiss it, and I bent down to do so. I let my lips linger just a bit, then lifting my head. He was leaned back against the pillows, eyes closed, mouth smiling. I bent back down and kissed the tip of his cock again, this time letting my tongue have a taste. His cock ended up in my mouth, and before too long he was coming inside. Naturally, I swallowed.

5.) What is your biggest fantasy now?

i would love to figure out my pee fantasies. I want to see if I like being pissed on, have a guy let me aim his dick while he pees, etc.. I want him to be into it as much as I am, though, and not just letting me do it to make me happy  it doesn’t make me happy, it makes me feel awkward and not enjoy it as much.

Bonus: Something you would NEVER do.

Besides the illegal no-nos, I would not allow shit to be a part of play. I know I had something else in mind when thinking of these questions, but I am drawing a blank.

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