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Dreams – Part 2

So, after I talked to my coworker about him repiercing my nipples I had an amazingly hot dream about it. I woke up wet and aching, more than usual.

In the dream, he came over and I had dinner ready. We were going to eat, have some drinks to ease the awkward tension a bit. My roommate was there, both in moral support for me and so that there was a witness in case any claims of sexual harrassment came up.

Before we got to the piercing we all ended up on my bed. He was trying to convince my roommate to pierce her nipples. He was begging to see them, and she finally gave in. He was like a kid in a candy store, as I admit, she does have a nice pair of tits. He started feeling, pinching, and pulling.

They got undressed, and his 12 inch dick was extremely obvious. I was so glad it was not me that was going to be fucking him. (Yes, I know a 12 inch dick is a bit unrealistic, but my roommate have kind of an ongoing bet of what his cock it like).

She straddled herself into his lap, facing him. She started bouncing and riding. I reach over and pulled out my vibrator and just watched them, torn between wishing to get fucked and sad about not getting that kind of attention to being glad it wasn’t me having to take all that dick.

They keep going at it, but eventually she can’t stand his huge cock and has to climb off of him. He then stood up and jerked himself off onto both of our tits.

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