May 2015

Sinful Sunday – Puzzled

The last few days I have been working on a jigsaw puzzle. I found it to be very therapeutic and a nice change from my usual daily grind. I love the click the pieces make when you place the right ones together  I love the feeling of starting with very little and ending up with a huge masterpiece. I finally finished it tonight.

TMI Tuesday – One Track Minds

More questions about every TMI-er’s favorite topic courtesy of recusen. 1. Which of the following best describes your view of sex? a) Ritual b) Game c) Performance d) Adventure e) Other Every sexual experience is an adventure. 2. What is your view of spontaneous vs. planned sex? a) Spontaneous is always better. b) Spontaneous sex seems rushed to me. I prefer a little warning to prepare mentally and/or physically. c)… Read More »TMI Tuesday – One Track Minds

Sinful Sunday – Sans Pants

My roommate is gone for the weekend so I took the private time to lounge on the couch reading, sans pants. It was very nice and relaxing. (Sorry for the poor lighting. The living room doesn’t have much and with flash on it made my legs appear whiter than normal). :p

Sinful Sunday – Two Piece

Never in my life did I ever see myself wearing a two piece swimsuit. This weekend I was on a mission to find a swim suit, thinking it would be just another one piece. I was fine with that, in fact that’s what I was focusing my search on. I was disappointed that I had no luck until I found a two piece that actually fit.

Sinful Sunday – Changes

At the beginning of April I started going to the gym in the mornings before work. The other day I was at the store and found a sports bra in my favorite color. I decided to treat myself for the positive changes I have been starting to make in my life.

All By Myself

I have been learning to do things on my own lately. My parents (mostly my mom) instilled so much paranoia in me, that it has been difficult to do anything alone. I always felt like I needed to have someone at my side at all times and hold my hand (in a figurative way). However, things are changing now. This weekend I have the apartment to myself. I used to… Read More »All By Myself

Sinful Sunday – May Masturbation

I am starting May Masturbation off right, with a nice squirting orgasm, all thanks to MiMi. The wet spot is not as big as other past spots, but I love how my juices are glistening off the toy. I also think this counts towards the monthly prompt with no human parts.