TMI Tuesday – About the Blog

1. How long have you been blogging?

Off and on since September 2008.

2. Tell us about your pen name? Is it a pen name?

Pit took forever to think of it  I have went by several different blogging names, but this one is the one that stuck the most  I always described myself as a sweetheart, but also a huge dirty girl. I am Sweeten Dirty, but you can call me Sweets.

3. What is your blog about?

It is a sex blog. I blog about real life experiences, toy reviews, and erotica

4. Do you earn any money with your blog?

I have not yet, but I do have affiliate links (so far just good vibes, go check them out)

5. What inspired you to blog?

I honestly made it so that I could review free toys, but it has turned into so much more than that  it’s my journal now, something to look back on

6. What keeps you blogging?

The knowledge that I can look back later, remember the fun times in clear memory, and even get advice and confidence boosts

7. Do you have any advice for readers looking for love? Looking to get laid? Looking for a threesome?

know your boundaries and stick to them. Never settle for what you think might be the only thing. No sex is by far better than bad sex.

8. Did you do your kegels today? When was the last time you did them? (Men: There is no evidence that kegels prevent erectile dysfunction. Source: WebMD )

I did at work, but thanks for the home reminder, I am doing them now.

Bonus: Do you have any special sexual gifts or talents or tricks? Tell us about it.

I can give a damn good blow job.

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1 thought on “TMI Tuesday – About the Blog”

  1. I still remember at least one of your previous pen names. I like this one though. It really seems to suit you.

    Your answer to #5 is great! We had a brief stint reviewing toys, but that was never our focus. Like you, it was more about keeping a record we could look back on.

    Love the bonus answer!

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