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All By Myself

I have been learning to do things on my own lately. My parents (mostly my mom) instilled so much paranoia in me, that it has been difficult to do anything alone. I always felt like I needed to have someone at my side at all times and hold my hand (in a figurative way). However, things are changing now.

This weekend I have the apartment to myself. I used to hate it, as we have some scary things happen here when we first moved in. Now though? I love it. It’s quiet, and I can do what I want, like walk around naked. Today I ended up going to the movies to myself.

Next weekend I am going out of town. I am taking a 3 hour drive to the nearest “big” city and staying for two nights. First off, its a very treacherous drive. Sharp turns, windy roads, and unforgiving mountain cliffs. I booked my first hotel room and will be driving in said city a lot. I have ridden there as a passenger many times, but drove in it once. I am not a fan, but I need to get over my fears.

I will mostly be visiting a friend from high school that I haven’t seen in over seven years. I also might do lunch with a guy I have been talking to on a dating site. If we hit it off, I may invite him to the room. I am very torn though. A part of me loves getting some action, both for mood and something to write about here, but I also am unsure how much I trust the guy. That is why we will definitely do lunch first, but we will see.

I am very excited to get out of town, do some real shopping, and seeing an old friend. Be prepared for hotel room pics! 😉

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