Sex Toy Review – Pleaure Works Riley

** I received the Pleasure Works Riley free from Good Vibes in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.**

The Riley is a 100% pure silicone dildo that comes with a vibrating bullet. I got mine in teal color, but it also is available in purple. Riley has a flared base, so he is good for anal play and strap on play. I consider the Riley slightly below average in size when it comes to dildos. He doesn’t feel too big, nor too small. Riley is 6 1/2” x 1 3/8” in diameter. Over all, I think this is definitely not a “size queen” toy. I don’t think beginners should have a problem, except maybe with inserting/removing because of the bulbous head. A good amount of lube should help with that issue, if it ever was one.


Riley has a a very nice curve to the base and a bulbous head, giving the potential for G-Spot or prostate play. Riley seemed to hit my G-spot in just the right spot. I never was able to have a G-spot orgasm from it, but it still felt good to have some G-spot stimulation going on.


A word of warning, Riley requires a lot of (water based) lube. He is made from the type of silicone that can drag a lot, so not using enough lube cause some painful chafing. Trust me, I did that once with a similar toy. It was not pleasant.

The bullet that comes with Riley fits snugly in the bottom of the base, but almost too snugly. To get it out I had to wiggle it back and forth a lot. I would suggest putting some lube on the bullet and inside the opening to make an easier time of getting it out, or even just not put the bullet all the way inside Riley. The bullet is very quiet, and it added a little bit of something nice when Riley was inside. However, I found the bullet too buzzy to be comfortable for clitoral stimulation alone.

wpid-20150624_155440-1.jpg wpid-20150624_155831-1.jpg

Overall, I would give the Riley a 3 out of 5 stars. It felt rather average to me, both size and shape. I didn’t hate it, and I will definitely keep using him. As far as the bullet goes, I would give it a 2 out of 5 stars, both for noise and intensity.

Thank you Good Vibes for Riley!

You can find Riley from Pleasure Works through Good Vibes. You can also find some good water based lubes here.


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