Pleasure Works Pop Top Deluxe – Sex Toy Review

**I have always wanted an attachment for my Hitachi Magic Wand (Old Version) since I bought it in 2008). Sadly the wand went mostly unused because I felt the vibrations to be too buzzy for me. Fast forward seven years and I got the chance to review one from the wonderful folks at Good Vibes.
I received the Pop Top Deluxe free in exchange for an honest review.**
The Pop Top Deluxe comes in two colors, purple and black shimmer. I chose black since I have quite a few purple toys and no black ones. The texture is of a very soft and smooth silicone, but can cause quite a bit of drag if not used with a decent amount of lube. The Pop Top Deluxe really does just pop on and off of the Magic Wand, making the name “Pop Top” make sense.
The Pop Top Deluxe is a G-Spot toy, however I was a little disappointed when it didn’t even touch my G-Spot. In fact, I could barely get the toy inside me. I kept wishing it was just a few inches longer. I tried several different angles, trying to get more depth. I think it was a combination of the toy being a tad bit too short and the way I am built, added with the fact that I am just not used to holding my Magic Wand. The wand just made it feel very top heavy and awkward.
I do have good news about it though! The Pop Top Deluxe acted as a nice barrier between the wand and my clit, making the vibrations feel less buzzy. It felt really good to hold it between my legs and just let myself just absorb the vibrations.
Overall, I didn’t hate the toy, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I might. I haven’t lost my faith in Magic Wand attachments, especially since this one seemed to make the Hitachi vibrations less buzzy and more bearable. I would give it a two out of five stars, as it left a lot to be desired.
Thank you Good Vibes for a chance to review this toy.

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