October 2015

The Guys (Part 3) – The Southern Boy

Something felt too good to be true with SB. He was too sweet. However, I went with the flow because I was actually starting to feel better talking to him. Every morning when he woke up he would text me “Good morning beautiful.” It brought a smile to my face, especially when I started to believe him. It took a while of talking, but we finally had free time at… Read More »The Guys (Part 3) – The Southern Boy

The Guys (Part 2) – Rollercoaster

As I have said on Twitter and in my last post, things have been kind of an emotional rollercoaster for me. I have met more guys than I can count (both online and some eventually offline). Most of them aren’t worth giving a nickname on here, but the ones that lasted longer than others might be mentioned again later. Here I will attempt to give a breakdown on the ones… Read More »The Guys (Part 2) – Rollercoaster

The Guys (Part 1)- J Came Back

I was just starting to forget about J, thinking maybe he was finally done yanking me around. To my not so surprise I had a new friend request on Skype in early August from him. I got really excited, and added him with no thought or question of it. I talked to him, and we caught up on everything from the last ten months. He was out of town, but… Read More »The Guys (Part 1)- J Came Back

Update! Again. Ugh.

Ugh! I hate that I stopped writing, and have been feeling pretty miserable without doing it. I want to, I just haven’t had a lot to say, at least nothing sexy and fun. -In September my blog turned 7 years old, I started in September 2008. -I have went on several dates, with several different guys. One seemed really promising, but he decided to stop talking to me (as they… Read More »Update! Again. Ugh.