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Update! Again. Ugh.

Ugh! I hate that I stopped writing, and have been feeling pretty miserable without doing it. I want to, I just haven’t had a lot to say, at least nothing sexy and fun.

-In September my blog turned 7 years old, I started in September 2008.

-I have went on several dates, with several different guys. One seemed really promising, but he decided to stop talking to me (as they all do). I promise to give the details on this one, as he was kind of an important factor in me starting to write again. To feel again even.

-J came back in early August. At first I was excited, then I couldn’t wait for him to go silent again. We hung out a couple times, and each time he would try and put some moves on me, but I would turn into a block of ice and ask him to stop. He did stop, but he made it awkward. I finally deleted him off Skype and have pretty much forgotten him. I plan to write a little bit more on this, I promise.

-I am still talking to a different guy. He is pretty sweet, but there is a bit of distance. We have met twice though when he came to tow to visit his brother. There *might* be potential.

I have went back into dark days again. I have been pretty ashamed of my body. My sex drive went completely MIA for several months. I believe its coming back though, because I have went from masturbating once every two or three weeks to three or four times a week.

I haven’t had sex since January, and I am actually pretty ok with that. I miss intimacy, but I can’t imagine anyone being attracted to this *points at self.* Yeah, my self esteem has been pretty shot.

On a happier note, I went from temporary in the office at work to permanent, and the atmosphere is a lot better.

In a nutshell, life has been a roller coaster and I have used video games to escape it. I am going to work on playing less games and doing more writing. I want to get back into my old habits of having a post up every day, if not at least once every few days.


1 thought on “Update! Again. Ugh.”

  1. I stopped writing too, but mostly because I’ve been pretty stressed out about the things happening around me in real life. A lot of bad stuff has been happening and it’s made me prioritize things. As much as I love writing, my focus needs to be on those who need me. At least you’re masturbating, which is good.

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