The Guys (Part 2) – Rollercoaster

As I have said on Twitter and in my last post, things have been kind of an emotional rollercoaster for me. I have met more guys than I can count (both online and some eventually offline). Most of them aren’t worth giving a nickname on here, but the ones that lasted longer than others might be mentioned again later. Here I will attempt to give a breakdown on the ones that had the biggest impact on me.

Guy #1 – About early/mid July I responded to this guy’s CL post. He was the only post that I saw that I had stuff in common with and who didn’t seem completely shallow. He responded to my email within a few minutes, and we chatted all week. When we weren’t talking we were either sleeping of at work, and we worked the same hours. We stayed up way past our bedtimes talking each night, getting only a few hours of sleep before work in the end. I finally felt comfortable with him to exchange pictures. I didn’t hear from him ever again. That was the biggest blow ever to the self esteem.

Guy #2 – The weekend after guy #1 quit talking to me I made my own CL ad. I was sent a bunch of dick pics, but two responses stood out. One was an old classmate from my graduating class who hung out with the same group as I. We went on several dates and walks, but I got friend zoned pretty fast. I did write about him when i first happened and I felt like there was a lot of potential. We have plans to hang out again soon, but I see it as being strictly platonic from here unfortunately.

Guy #3 – This guy was the other response that stood out when I made my CL ad. I didn’t respond to him until late August/early September, since I wanted to focus on the old friend from high school. Luckily, he was still interested in talking and we talked up a storm. I started to fall for him pretty hard, as there were a lot of things I found sexy about him. First off being his southern accent (he had recently moved up here from the south), he was currently working as a ranch hand, and he knew exactly what to say to make me melt.

I will call him the Southern Boy, SB for short, and give him his own post in part 3. To be continued…

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