Something from the Movies

Tonight my roommate broke up with her boyfriend of almost two years. I never really got along with the guy, and for some reason he really disliked me. Good riddance I say. I won’t go into the details of it, that’s her business, and not the relevant to this post, other than the fact that it prompted me to do something I never thought I would do.

You see, she has this long time friend, an ex high school sweetheart. I have chatted with him several times, though never met him since he lives damn near the other side of the country. Tonight him and I were giving her the pep talk before she went and did the deed.

After it was done, she came home and had a drink and ate ice cream with me. We chatted on Skype with her ex high school sweetie (EHSS). After she went to bed I continued to chat with him. He said he kept trying to get her to go see him, on his dime, but she is afraid to leave work. I suggested he come here. 

He was surprised at the idea because that’s something she told him I would never be ok with. That is completely true, mostly because then she had a boyfriend at the time and I don’t condone cheating. I also don’t like PDAs to be had around me, since it fucks with my depression and loneliness. I told him I’d be fine as long as they kept the sex noise down and kept the PDAs to a minimum. 

He looked at plane tickets and I encouraged him to click. He will be out here in early December. She has no idea. I find it incredibly romantic, something from the movies. From what she has said about this guy, he’s her soulmate. He’s got his shit together, something her other exes don’t.

I am happy for her. I look forward to seeing the surprised look on her face when I pick him up from the airport and bring him home to her. However, I am a tad jealous. Romance in the movies is something I have always longed for, dreamed of nightly. 


While in the middle of writing the above paragraph he messages me again to say that I need to find out from her if it’s really ok that he comes out. He doesn’t want to do anything to spoil what they have now. I get where he’s coming from, but I am worried it will kill the surprise. Right now she has no idea. If I casually bring it up, it will sit in the back of her mind and she will expect it. 

How do I ask her about him coming here to visit without it being completely oblivious?

Give me some love.

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