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January 2016

Third Times the Charm

June 2014 I was in a car accident. I tried to go to work the next day, but left a couple hours into my shift to go to the doctor,  as I hadn’t been yet and was really starting to feel it. She gave me a week off work and told me to go get an xray at some point. This was on a Tuesday. Thursday I finally decided to… Read More »Third Times the Charm

Dating – Long Distance vs. Short Distance

Something I have been thinking about the past few years,  and even more about the past few months is long distance relationships vs. short distance (local) relationships. After a lot of thought,  I think I would enjoy the long distance much better, for a multitude of reasons. I feel much more comfortable online, first off, than I do in person. It takes a lot these days to get me comfortable… Read More »Dating – Long Distance vs. Short Distance

2015 Top 100 Sex Bloggers List

Molly over at Molly’s Daily Kiss is doing a top 100 sex bloggers list. Rori at Between My Sheets (retired now) started this list several years ago and it was a huge success. I won’t ask for your vote (though your vote would be completely awesome) since I haven’t been the best blogger lately, but you can always use the list to check out other blogs you have never heard… Read More »2015 Top 100 Sex Bloggers List

Bad Habits and Noncommittal Answers

In the past few years of dating (most times of meeting a person once or twice then only keeping things online or never speaking again), I have picked up some really bad habits. I have lost nearly all self confidence, but I think I have become unrealistically picky when it comes to finding a partner. As far as the self confidence goes, it comes and goes. It really comes when… Read More »Bad Habits and Noncommittal Answers

Yearly Orgasm Count

Since 2012 I have done an orgasm counter. Each year the accuracy decreases, depending on how active I am blogging. This year (2015) was the least accurate, as I lost a lost a lot of self confidence and motivation, I orgasmed maybe 135 times. I estimate that I had about 135 orgasms in 2015. I really don’t know the exact number. I stopped writing and forgot about the count I… Read More »Yearly Orgasm Count