Yearly Orgasm Count

Since 2012 I have done an orgasm counter. Each year the accuracy decreases, depending on how active I am blogging. This year (2015) was the least accurate, as I lost a lost a lot of self confidence and motivation, I orgasmed maybe 135 times.

I estimate that I had about 135 orgasms in 2015. I really don’t know the exact number. I stopped writing and forgot about the count I had going. I would add 10 or 20 here and there.

2016 will be better though, I promise. I bought a bunch of clicker counters. Each time I orgasm, I will click it. At the end of the year, we will see how many times I clicked. I bought a set of five, so who knows, maybe I will click a different one for each toy that crosses me over that threshold. or maybe I will use one for sex as well.

So far, my count is 4.


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